Documentation of Principles

in the context of the municipial friendships between Roßdorf/Hessen and the communities of Kindberg/Styria,  Reggello/Tuscany, Roßdorf/Thuringia, Vösendorf/Lower Austria and various other European contacts:


EuropaRad is a project initiated and supported by the a . m. municipalities. It brings together people by jointly performing bicycle tours, various other encounters, events and contacts within this area.

Based on Günther Kreisels (1940 -1994) idea to carry out bicycle tours in the twin towns EuropaRad wants to develop the friendships between the communities in the areas of sports, youth, school, regional studies and international understanding.


The municipalities financially and organizationally support these efforts in partnership by active collaboration based on the respective local rules. EuropaRad appoints one local contact for all of the involved municipalities. This contact person in line with the local community communicates invitations for bicycle tours and any other events to the local citizens and as well to the other European friendly municipalities and to their EuropaRad contact. The respective projects then will be organized by the municipalities in collaboration with interested local citizens.


Municipalities and citizens involved confirm their collaboration by signing in.


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