Our commitment ­– EuropaRad stands for:


  • Encounter and interchange between all communities having  friendly relationships with Roßdorf as well as with other contacts within Europe
  • Everyone can join us
  • No limits in age – from young people up to veterans
  • Jointly schedule organize and perform encounters even in everyday situations
  • Based on that get a better understanding for others, reduce prejudices, intensively get to know each other, initiate and improve friendship
  • Doing sports – but no high performance sport


  • Offer various activities: yearly bicycle tours in all European countries participating and in addition organize various tours on weekends e. g. entire day tour, half day or familiy tours


  • Discuss and argue European topics: topic related bicycle tours including sightseeing and lectures. Prepare and summarize them by involving experts and persons politically responsible from community up to European level; sustainable collaboration with European organisations.


  • Perform joint activities including sightseeing, lectures and official events during running tours. Through that get to know various European countries and regions.


  • Harmony and fun do promote friendship: we  e. g. recall successful performances of various singing groups as the Como-Girls, the Rhöner Randkierfen, the Billy-Boys and the Original ÄbÄg-Schrammeln.  Their outstanding performances of various songs created by themselves are still well known in Florence, Como, and Spluga. In addition various other leisure time activities like hiking, visiting celebrations etc are offered.
  • The communities involved are supporting our activities. This offers them the opportunity to be recognized nationwide. On June 26, 2014 the European Diploma Award was awarded to the community of Roßdorf by The European Council, Straßburg.


  • This is our little but yet important contribution on the way to a united Europe.


  • Awardings for EuropaRad:
  • Banner of Europe awarded by the European Commission in 2004
  • European Award awarded by the Europa Union in 2006
  • LEAH, the first Hession Europe Award awarded in 2013 by EAECA ( Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency).
  • Initiated by EuropaRad the Europe Diploma Award was awarded to the community of Roßdorf by the European Council in Straßburg.
  • Jointly experience / ride across Europe – join us in promoting a united Europe and actively support our European projects. 



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